6 Reasons To Date A Guy Who Lives With His Parents


dating a guy who lives at home
Living at home has some overlooked romantic benefits.

So you've met a great guy. He's handsome, he's well-educated, he runs marathons, and he can even assemble an IKEA bookshelf in under an hour. Like most things in life, though, there is a catch: he still lives with his parents. It's not even as if he's 22, his parents are sick and need extra care, or that his bachelor pad just happened to burn down, leaving him out on the streets. Apparently, he just really enjoys being around Mom, Dad, Rusty the dog, and having immediate access to homemade cannoli.

Deal breaker? Don’t act too fast. Dating an adult male who still lives with Mom and Dad certainly has its perks, including the following:


1. Clean laundry!
We've all dated that guy who will play Halo for five hours straight, but who somehow can't afford to spend two hours doing his laundry. Maybe his mom is a laundry monger, or maybe she just complains about the scent of sweaty clothes before you do, but chances are, a guy who lives with Mom will wear a crisp shirt and a fresh pair of jeans every day. If you're lucky, they might even be starched and ironed. Isn't it nice cuddling with someone who smells like fabric softener instead of the men's locker room? 10 Items Of His We'd Like To Toss

2. Less competition from other women.
Let's be real: a 28 year-old male who still lives at home isn't exactly a hot commodity. So what? Do you really want other women clamoring for dates with your Chris Pine look-alike? Why Geeks Are The New Chic
3. The possibility of being caught in the act is thrilling.
You'd be surprised how creative this guy is at finding ways to sneak around the parentals. He knows what time they sleep, and he knows what time they putter around the upstairs hallway near his bedroom. He also knows how to shut doors quietly, tiptoe around the squeaky stair, and silence a barking dog. Sure, sexytime might take place just 20 feet away from his sleeping parents, but when it comes to the fine art of secrecy, dating a guy who still lives with his parents is the closest you'll come to dating a ninja.

4. Indirect access to an extensive DVD, music and book collection.
While the average boyfriend's DVD collection would consist of South Park, Rambo, and The Godfather I – III, the combined tastes of at least three different people guarantee that in Mom and Dad's house, there will be something that you'll like. Plus, isn't it refreshing to visit your guy and hear someone other than Young Jeezy playing through the speakers? 7 Book Characters Hotter Than Edward Cullen

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