5 Celeb Couples Who Met At Work


Kelly Preston and John Travolta
These coupled co-workers are really married to their jobs

There has been a lot of hubbub lately about sex and love in the workplace, thanks to the David Letterman and Steve Phillips scandals. However, office romances aren't always tawdry affairs. And with people working longer hours these days, co-working couples are very common. It makes perfect sense—getting to know someone in a work environment takes a lot of the pressure off of those awkward first date situations and helps create "insta-relationships." And if it's so easy for us Average Joes and Janes to fall in love at work under harsh fluoroescent lighting, can you imagine how it must be for beautiful, perfectly-lit celebs? Although some of those on-screen and on-stage celeb hook-ups end when the lights go down, many have true staying power. The New Hook-Up Hotspot? Work!

Here are five of our favorite celeb couples who met while working together.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston - This gorgeous A-list couple first met back in 1987 when they co-starred in box-office bomb, The Experts. Although Kelly was in a troubled marriage with actor Kevin Gage at the time, John and Kelly's attraction was strong, and she has stated that John actually "waited" for her. After Kelly divorced Kevin in 1988, she was involved with both George Clooney and Charlie Sheen, but soon after splitting with Charlie in 1990, she met up with John again and the two finally began dating. They have been married for 18 years, but since the death of their son Jett earlier this year, the couple has been rumored to be having problems. After all they've been through, we hope they can work through their issues and stick it out together.

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