The YourTango team answers a question from Ask YourTango, where readers go to seek out advice on love and relationships. We know men love sex, and especially oral sex. But what's so great about third base? Men and women from the YourTango community weigh in with advice, tips and insights.

Question: "What do men like about oral sex? I'm willing to put in the work when it comes to giving a blow job but it would be so helpful if someone could tell me what exactly men like." -Kataroo

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What do men like about oral sex?  I’m willing to put in the work but it would be so helpful if someone could tell me exactly what men like. - Kataroo from the YourTango community. 

YourTango members gave some great answers to this question.  Here’s what they had to say.

RobertATO says that when a woman enjoys giving oral sex, she’s showing that she really cares about you.

Scott Johnson likes it because it’s different from normal sex.  Not better, he emphasizes, just different.

Princess advises you to ask what your partner likes.  Just like women, every guy is different.  Watch their reaction and it’s easy to get the hang of what they like. 

Rio says oral sex makes a man feel relaxed and accepted.  He loves eye contact during this act.

Finally, BlissConnection says that putting your mouth on that part of a man’s body is the highest compliment you can give someone. 

Well, Kataroo, sounds like men love the intimacy of oral sex.  Want to know what your man likes best?  Ask him!

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