Spice Up Your Love Life!

Spice Up Your Love Life!

     Having sex the same way, day in and day out, in the same place all the time can get to be very boring. That bed becomes more for sleeping than getting it on. What to do, what to do?

     Try different locations. Have sex on the living room couch or (if you're lucky enough to have one) in the hot tub. When I was in college, one of my favorite places to fool around was a park and ride or state park because there was always the thrill of getting caught. I did get caught once by a cop when I was getting it on in a car with a college professor. Thankfully, the cop knocked on my window after we did the nasty, but I'm convinced that cop had been watching us from afar and came to tap on my window only after spying on us. Now that was fun!

     I review sex toys so I love to use sex toys when I get a little nooky. My favorite sex toys are my Pocket Rocket Booster and my LELO vibrators. Nipple vibes are also fun to use and they can be used on many body parts aside of nipples. Use your imagination. Introduce a few sex toys to your routine to spice things up.

     I wrote at length about foreplay and spicing up your sex life on my blog. Here's the link so head on over and get some ideas for your next sexy venture.



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