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Men and Strip Clubs


As an exotic dancer and a woman with a male partner, I really can’t
understand it. I meet guys at the strip club all the time that either
lie to their partners about where they are, or just lie by omission. I
get it. You don’t want to cause a big argument, which will probably
result in you getting less sex than you’re already getting, right? What
I don’t get are most women’s attitudes about strip clubs.

If you’re one of these guys, then here are a few tips to get your woman to loosen up about the whole issue:

1.  Tell her that it’s actually a benefit to her, because when you
come home from a strip club after NOT cheating on her (because, after
all, as you know, going to a strip club is not cheating) you are gonna
be really horny and willing to be her sex slave for hours!

2.  Educate her.  Contrary to some women’s beliefs, strippers are
actually not prostitutes and 99% of them (in my experience) either have
a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a husband that they are faithful to.

3.  Tell her that it’s actually the safest place for you.  It’s
true.  The chances you could get laid at a strip club?  Close to nil. 
There’s a bouncer right there, dude, who walks her to her car at the
end of the night, alone!  The chances that you could end up getting
laid at a bar if you wanted to?  Not bad, at least 50% I’d say.  Booty
Doctors’ note: There is an exception to this rule.  If you go to
certain strip clubs in Providence, Rhode Island, prostitution does
occur.  If you want to maintain any credibility with your lover, you
cannot go to those clubs.

4.  Bring her to the strip club with you.  Something like 80% of
women actually have sexual feelings toward other women (which does not,
in most cases, mean that they are gay).  Go to the stage together.  Get
a lap dance together.  Bringing her to a strip club will benefit you in
two ways: she’ll get to see that it’s not the free-for-all she probably
imagines it is, AND she’ll get really turned on and you’ll have HOT SEX
at home (if you make it that far!) afterward.

5.  Remind her that no matter how much you, as a normal man, can
appreciate the sex appeal of other women, they are just a fantasy.  SHE
is the real the thing, the one you want to come home to, and the one
you do come home to every night.


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