6 Jobs That Could Wreck Your Relationship


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Keep your private and professional lives separate! Five jobs that can wreck your relationship.

If you're a fan of soap operas, specifically Falcon Crest or The Bold and the Beautiful, you may be familiar with long-haired lover-boy Lorenzo Lamas. Well, things aren't going to great for the soap star; in fact, the drama has spilled out of the daytime and into his real life.

Back in 2002 Lorenzo was on his fourth wife (anyone know what number he's on now?), Playboy model Shauna Sand. They divorced after the unlucky hunk learned wifey was having an affair with Lorenzo's 18-year-old son, A.J., according to Star. How's that for life imitating art?


In the spirit of keeping your private and professional lives separate, here are five other jobs that can wreck your relationship.

Doctor. Everyone's heard of the M.D. who is so dedicated to their patients that they forget their spouse. And if you're married to a med student forget about spending any time with them—unless you're carrying their text books. How To Date A Med Student

Any kind of shift worker
. Unless your significant other also works at night, the graveyard shift can be a real disaster for relationships. If you're in this situation watch True Blood—Sookie and Bill seem to make it work, and he doesn't even have weekends off.

Psychologist. It helps to have listening skills, but your spouse will always be able to say "stop shrinking me!" and you'll never be able to retaliate.

Actor. Your s.o.'s got to be pretty confident if they're going to reign in jealousy at your kissing scenes. Hollywood types make it look easy, but it can't be effortless to see your husband or wife getting busy with someone else.

Writer. Write what you know. How many fights have ensued after a writer was a little too candid in a personal essay or memoir?

Readers, does your job interfere with your relationship? Let us know in the comments.