5 Wacky Sexual Fetishes To Start Your Day

5 Wacky Sexual Fetishes To Start Your Day

5 Wacky Sexual Fetishes To Start Your Day

From full bladders, Ugg boots and leg braces, these fetishes aren't traditionally sexy.

We are what the fetish community would call "vanilla." While huge, huge proponents of sex, we're bereft of any lustful attractions toward inanimate objects, odd costumes, bizarre situations or, say, trees. 

Not that there's anything wrong with it, mind you—the whole thing is just kind of lost on us.

However, our sexual fetish curiosity was piqued when we read about The Human Carpet last week in The New York Times. Georgio T., an otherwise normal guy, enjoys covering himself in carpet, frequenting bars and lying on the ground so patrons can walk all over him. He cites two women stomping on him and making out as a huge turn-on. 

This got us thinking: what other odd and kinky fetishes do people enjoy? We got a little pervy on the Internet and found out.

1.) The Crush Fetish: No, this isn't in the garden variety Brad Pitt kind of a way (cue laugh track) but rather it's the literal act of crushing that gets the blood pumping. Videos flood the Internet of women popping balloons, or crushing objects, food, insects and even mice with their feet. Don't confuse this with a shoe or foot fetish, however. These people get off on seeing something killed or destroyed. It shouldn't surprise you these crush fetish filmmakers found themselves in hot water with animal activists in 1999.

 2.) Anthropomorphic aka "Furry" Fetish: These people refer to themselves as "furries" and dress up in animal costumes before they have sex. There's all sorts of Furry porn, photos and what have you on the Internet. Many times the jerk off material is of cartoon cats with long eyelashes and gigantic breasts. It made us look at our pets in a strange way.

3.) Paraplegic Fetish: Believe it or not, some people get seriously turned on by watching a woman make her way around in leg braces or struggle to get up from a wheelchair. Seriously. A former Playboy Playmate, Sharry Konopski, supplies material for paraplegic fetishes with her website, The Broken Bunny. Sharry, a Playboy Playmate in the 1980s, was injured in a car accident and left paralyzed from the waist down. Now her website videotapes her "adventures." A sampling of her videos have titles like: "Wheelchair Trial" and "Delightful Leg Shave."


4.) Omorashi Fetish: Omorashi fetishes originate from Japan and stands for the sexual fascination of young women with full bladders wetting themselves. If there is sex involved, intercourse often involves women letting loose when they orgasm. There's even a Japanese game show called Desperation Tournament where contestants compete to see who can hold their pee the longest.

5.) Shoe Fetish: OK, shoe fetishes are pretty standard. A starter fetish, if you will. But we were reminded of this one when the Ugg Boot fetish guy was finally thrown in jail for four years a few days ago. This British man, Mark Southeby, was unhealthfully obsessed with Ugg boots and stalked schoolgirls wearing them. The other shoe dropped (get it?) when he began a stalker-type relationship with a 15-year-old. The Ugg boots made him do it!

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