Ryan Reynolds Proposed To Scarlett Over Text

Ryan Reynolds Proposed To Scarlett Over Text
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Ryan Reynolds reveals he popped the question in a most untraditional way.

Ryan Reynolds has a new movie coming out June 19th with Sandra Bullock called The Proposal. And since he’s newly married to Scarlett Johansson, Ryan finally reveals just how he popped the question to his new bride. ScarJo Loves Being Married
Well, in a world where electronics have taken the romance out of dating, apparently even time-honored traditions like getting down on one knee has been replaced. Ryan admits that he actually asked Scarlett to marry him by sending her a text message. It was just any text, however, as he admits he put a lot of thought and effort into what it said. “The hardest part was to compress all of that love, all of that joy into just one text message,” he reveals. “And then it was just hitting send.” Whatever he said must have made an impact because she said yes and the couple got married in a super secret wedding back in September. We do hope he gave her a real ring and didn’t send a virtual one via Facebook or the like! New Relationship Rules: Texting & IMing
Things with Ryan and Scarlett are going strong—and good thing because he has some racy (and naked) sex scenes with Sandra in The Proposal. But Ryan’s more nervous about Sandra’s husband Jesse James seeing the flick rather than his own wife. “If I didn’t know Sandra Bullock completely before, I do now. I know her in ways that her husband Jesse James would turn me into some sort of flying curd cottage cheese-type pudding if he knew,” Ryan says. “It’s pretty incredible. Not only are you naked, you’re doing a stunt as well. It’s like expertly lit Cirque de Soleil porn.” Sandra Bullock Shocked She Married Jesse James
We love how secure Ryan and Scarlett and Sandra and Jesse are in their respective marriages—but we have a feeling that this foursome won’t double date to a screening together. That would just be a tad too awkward! 
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