Friends with Benefits?


So a guy I'd like to call Persuasive calls me and says "I miss you, can I come see you?" I say "Yes, but it's late and I have to work in the morning, so NO, I repeat NO, sex" He says "Ok". Well, he shows up and gives me a hug and says that he's missed me and he worries about me being all alone. I tell him that I'm a big girl so he doesn't need to worry. He starts to kiss me and says that he cares about me. I begin to protest, "After all, we're just friends, no caring involved" He says that is exactly why he cares, because we're friends. Needless to say, the kisses deepen and my resolve weakens. I tell him that if I cave, I will hate myself and regret it because he will then think that even if I say no it will still mean yes. He says he won't think that, besides "Don't you want it?" Of course, me being lonely (and the past couple days having taken their toll emotionally on me), I cave. Now, you might be thinking (because I know I certainly am) am I really that weak? Do I just not have the strength to stick to my guns? Am I really that sex-starved? Or just starved for affection? And honestly, I think the answer is that I need someone faithful and loyal who can provide me with both the physical and emotional needs that I so crave. I am extremely faithful to the person whom I lay my heart on a platter and serve with a smile. Now I just need to find someone who will order me off the menu.

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