Why Strip Clubs Are Good For Marriage


strip club sign
A happily married man explains how an occasional strip club visit helps keep his marriage hot.

During a recent business trip, I found myself shoe-horned into the back of a taxi with colleagues in various stages of inebriation, hurtling through chancy neighborhoods of Baltimore. I was on my Blackberry with my wife, going through the litany of "kids/mail/bills/when are you coming home/this single mother crap is getting old" when the cabbie abruptly stopped at our destination.

"Gotta go, hon," I said. "We just pulled up to the strip club." My colleagues turned their heads my way, mouths open.


"You told her you were going here tonight?" one colleague asked.

"My wife would throw my junk on the lawn faster than you could say divorce lawyer," slurred the client we'd been wining and dining earlier that evening.

The panicked look on my co-workers' faces said it all: most men are terrified to admit to what really transpires on the road—and what inspires them in the bedroom when they come home.

Let's be clear: if your man plies his trade taking client abuse or has ever attended a conference that finds him in a hotel banquet hall for 12 hours of Powerpoint torture, you can assume your honey has blown off steam, at least once, by contributing to some gal's plastic surgery fund, one crumpled bill at a time.