I want no confusion


He's been there with me through thick and thin.  And just when I think I am the most annoying thing in his life, he goes through and kisses me unexpectedly.

It's not that I didn't mind the kiss.  Or even that I didn't want it.  For it being my first kiss, I was rather excited and very proud that it was him.  We talked about it afterwards, and he was like "That's unfair to you...I was being a bastard and I'm sorry."

Of course me being me and caring about all my friends no matter the circumstances there are between us, I did everything I could to make him stop feeling bad which is always nearly impossible.  However, I woke up and to my surprise there on my fb page sat a message from him.  I was scared to open it but when I did, I was simply amazed.  It said we should try to be close for now and it could go under the category of dating more then boyfriend...this way if someone else come's along for either of us, no fuss will be made about it.

However, he and I both know that in our current states, even if someone else comes along for either of us, we won't go for it.  He's too emotionally drained, and I'm too content in being given this opportunity.  But if he knows this, then why would he go ahead with it?

Am I reading too far into this thing? or is it possible he's covering up feelings that are there?

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