Nannette LaRee's: VAMP'S NOTEBOOK:


Nannette LaRee’s VAMP’S NOTEBOOK 

 This is something for you ladies(and you guys to give to your ladies)to cursor-copy and keep in your WordPerfect Files for later reference or to I’ve taken what is listed below from two years of my newsletter, Sensual Seductress Monthly, and posted this to offer some pleasurable ideas that’ll wreck wicked havoc into any lackluster Romantic existence. Indeed, I am a Sexual Anthropologist, constantly seeking inspiration that’ll entice and revive the Romantic lives of women...especially when three of my girl-friends just this last week have informed me that they are all getting a divorce: one whom has been married for three years informed me that the sex/romance was dead in her Romantic Relationship after five-months in to her marriage, and another is now in her third divorce...sigh* So, whether you’re swinging single or heart-deep in to a Romantic Relationship...I’m only aspiring to spread a little Lust into a veryyyyyyyyyy sexually humdrum world. 


What romance means to Your Man
: Oral sex*Any ticket to a sporting event*You…naked*An evening away from you playing poker with his buddies with no text-message or cell phone interruptions from you*A massage from you that leads to sex*Taking him to test drive a Viper*Oral sex*A sexy text message with a late-night follow-through on the sexy suggestion*Caveman food~~~lots of fatty meat and none of that reduced-fat-crap*A bloody action movie and not an emotional chick flick*Oral sex. Oh, and did I mention: Oral Sex!

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