What A Woman's Chin Says About Her Sex Drive


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Hey fellas, check out the chin on her—a new study suggests it's quite telling.

The newest study to surface that makes women look a little longer in the mirror before a date concerns sluttines and chin size.

A team of psychologists recently concluded that women who have a prominent jawline instinctively turn off men because it denotes promiscuity.


Well then. Big chins have never looked so sleazy!

On a serious note, though: What in the world does chin size have to do with bed-hopping? First we had the big-breasted, carousing Marilyn Monroe look-alikes (which at least superficially made sense) and now we can add Rumer Willis and Jennifer Aniston doppelgangers to the slut pile? What next? Before long all of us will have at least one physical trait that deems us totally wrong for commitment.

(Which may actually have a kernel of truth to it, but we're just saying.)

According to a recent study written about in the journal of Personality And Individual Differences, a team of psychologists rounded up a group of women and quizzed them on their sexual pasts and attitudes. For whatever reason, girls with big chins almost always had a more colorful and active sex life. The scientists then sat around with a group of men who flipped through their pictures and rated each woman on desirability.

The men didn't know anything about the sexual questionnaire, but seemed less taken with the broad-jawed ladies and preferred the softer- featured girls.

This doesn't really surprise us. Women with delicate, more traditionally feminine faces have always been more popular with guys. But researchers think a man's instant attraction may be a little more complicated (silly them) then we give them credit for.

Strong chins and jaws are a sign of higher testosterone, they explain, which might clear up why there's an increase of promiscuity amongst the broad-jawed. Men, they say, instinctively pick up on this and are turned off because they don't want an unfaithful wife.

Interesting. So all men have a clairvoyant streak when looking at women? Do our faces double as crytal balls into the future? This all seems a bit far-fetched, but sexual attraction isn't something that's necessarily easy to figure out.

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