Nice Girls Finish Last; Be Naughty This Holiday


Nice Girls Finish Last; Be Naughty This Holiday
Peace and love are overrated—this holiday season stop being the nice girl.

Come December you can't enter a Wal-Mart, fill up your gas tank or grab some grease at the food court without hearing Christmas songs, including the one about Santa checking his list (twice—we know) to see who's getting the Tiffany's and who's getting the coal. But who is this Christmas "nice girl," the one who makes cupcakes with red and green sprinkles, picks out the perfect gift for every member of her husband's family, and doesn't talk back to her mother-in-law? Who can do that? No us. But that doesn't mean we're bad girls—this isn't another Madonna/whore either/or.

Whether the nice girl-itis comes from outside or is lurking within you somewhere, we think it's time to redefine the rules. Sure it's the season of peace, love and goodwill to all, but tell that to your oversexed coworker who's up on your Mr. every time you turn your back at the company Christmas party. Read on to fine out when "naughty" is actually "nice" this holiday season.


Home For The Holidays

Nice Girls… need a full-size bed and an empty house.

Your man is craving the chance to get a backside view of your holiday lingerie but the idea of bending over your childhood bed while everyone else is downstairs spreading good cheer just feels… wrong.

Naughty Girls… highlight the "ex" in sex.

Is there is anything hotter than forbidden, sweaty sex with the risk of getting caught? Yup: forbidden, sweaty sex with someone who knows your body well enough to take you from zero to sixty in the time it takes mom to serve the mulled wine. Sneak out with your guy while your uncle is explaning his investment in alpacas and give your cheeks a merry flush the old fashioned way.

Stand By Your Man

Nice Girls… turn the other cheek.

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