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Presto Sex Change!

japanese sex toys

Inflatable novelties allow sex changes without any pesky surgeries.

Those innovative Japanese are always cookin' up something! Never failing to be creative, the makers of reliable Toyota vehicles, snazzy Sony laptops and crazy game shows now bring to you blow-up appendages.

So if you're a woman who has ever wondered what it's like to have a penis, you can just pick up a swan phallus. (Why swan? Must be some sort of Swan Lake reference considering there is a ballerina on the box.) And gentleman, you can grow some breasts!

These cheap little novelties work by way of some simple chemistry. Inside each gender-changing piece is a liquid packet, which when popped reacts with a powder that produces the gas responsible for inflating your stick-on swan.

Check out some photos and a video demonstration of both products here.

Definitely gives manboobs a new definition.


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