I Was In An Open, Long-Distance Relationship

open long distance relationship

Separated by an ocean, lovers stay close by talking about their sex with others.

Several years ago, I was in a relationship that helped me grow and change so much as a person. Until then, I didn't realize the possibilities that the world held. My mate's name was Alfred and he was a beautiful and incredible man. Things were almost perfect between us and for a long time I was happy.

The only problem our relationship held was the distance. He lived in Hawaii. I hung my hat in Tennessee. We both had our own lives where we resided. He was in college and working towards a degree. I had ailing family members that prevented me from moving. The timing was wrong and we couldn't break the ties that bound us.

Still, we loved each other deeply. We connected and we were convinced that love would find a way. We constantly talked on the phone, we shared private Internet chats, and we exchanged emails often. Each conversation brought us closer even though we were physically far away from each other. We were more than a couple; we were best friends.

After a year and a half of being faithful to each other, we came to see that words weren't always enough. We needed more. There was a physical aspect that we didn't just want‚we needed it but were unable to provide it to each other. The long distance relationship prevented us from fulfilling the sexual desires all humans have.

Because we were so open with each other, it wasn't hard to discuss our yearnings. We soon found out that we were both feeling the same way, yet we just couldn't let go of each other. We decided that we would stay together but venture out into the open: we would see other people and explore options but we were still a couple.

At first, things were awkward, different and seemed somehow wrong, but, amazingly enough, we were both able to accept it for what it was: a temporary fix. We were free to live out our fantasies together but separately. We didn't have to worry about rejection in the dating world because we weren't looking for the emotional aspect. Jealousy was never an issue. It was only physical contact. We had love and intimacy with each other.

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