Man Puts Wife For Sale On eBay

Man Puts Wife For Sale On eBay

Angry husband posts wife for £1; gets hundreds of bids up to £750K.

The US had the Bobbitts, and now the UK has the Osborns.

Ok, maybe a penectomy ranks higher on the "ouch" scale than attempting to sell one's wife, but how about when you list her as "my lying, cheating, adulterous whore of a wife of 26 years" on eBay? Yikes. Not hard to guess the back story on this one.

I'd like to think all's well that ends well because Paul took down the post before the allotted auction time expired, thereby shattering the dreams of hundreds who had bid amounts of up to £750,000 for the mother of two.

Then again, Paul told British tabloid The Daily Mirror yesterday he wishes he could have sold her for that amount because "it would have helped with the mortgage."

A couple questions: Who were the people doing the bidding? And, how does this affect Paul's eBay vendor ranking?


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