Guy-Approved Seduction Tips

By YourTango

Guy-Approved Seduction Tips
Seduce the right guy, the right way.

Men are simple creatures. Women spend much more time pondering our desires and motivations than  than we do, but nobody said we don't value introspection. Women want to know what men want, and men—when plied with alcohol—want to tell them. So armed with a pen and an open bar tab, I set out to find the information that will help you snag your man.

First, know what you're after. More and more women are holding off on relationships—at least for a while—and, like countless men before them, complaining that they can't get no satisfaction. Emphasis on 'action.' So the first question I posed to the motley mass: "What should a woman do to get your interest if they want to sleep with you?"


"Just say hello!" 

"Ask us to buy you a beer."

"Stick your hand on my crotch."

"Dress slutty, and take off your shirt."

What can I say? We're a shallow lot. The truth is, if you want to seduce a man into bed with you and he doesn’t have what he thinks is a "better" option, you just have to lay it out there. Alcohol helps. Ugly, I know.

But seducing for life is another matter. "Men, instinctually, gotta hunt," says Bechir, 26, "and what we hunt is hot women. But every man doesn't see 'hot' the same way."

Just like we wouldn't use a monkey wrench to put up drywall, you'll need different tools depending on what kind of guy you're trying to land. So tip number two? Know your audience. A primer:

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