Inside An NYC Sex Club


Inside An NYC Sex Club
The founders of NYC sex party Chemistry reveal what goes on behind closed doors.

Meet KennyBlunt and SheilaMonster—a sexually adventurous married couple with a shared appreciation for Burning Man and burlesque. Frustrated with the limitations of the traditional "swinging" scene they experienced at sex parties, the duo formed an exclusive N.Y.C. sex party called Chemistry. The couple place ambiance at a premium—Chemistry books burlesque acts and "awesome" DJs for the event—and its locale in rented Brooklyn loft spaces is both elegant and welcoming. "People can walk in jeans and sneakers or tuxedos and be equally comfortable," says Sheila. YourTango sat down with Kenny and Sheila to discuss the party, the meaning of "lifestyle," and the ways sex clubs can rev up your sex life.

Why did you start Chemistry?


SheilaMonster: We were involved recreationally in lifestyle [sex] parties, including one in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. We were friends with the people who ran it, and we were like "Let's see if we can do that!" We felt we were going to provide something that wouldn't be provided by any of the other lifestyle promoter.

Like what?

SM: There was a lot of pressure to have sex at sex parties, but if you weren't having sex, there was really nothing else to do. Ironically, if you create a party where sex is the last thing on people's minds, it relaxes them into a place where they can organically cultivate chemistry.

KennyBlunt: You'd go to another party and, honestly, the conversation you would have twenty times in the night was, "So how long have you been doing this?" "Been to this party before?" "How long have you been going to sex parties?" And there was nothing else to talk about. I think we really knew how to threw a party first.