7 Tips For Beginning An Open Relationship


7 Tips For Beginning An Open Relationship
How to communicate, set rules, speak up and create boundaries.






Are you curious about an open relationship, but not sure where to start? Maybe you've talked about it with your partner but don't know how to move forward. Below are seven steps to help you begin opening up. Remember: all relationships are unique—one size does not fit all. Use these tips as a guide, but do what feels right for you.

Put it all out on the table.
If you’ve been curious about making your relationship open, the first and most important thing to do is talk it over with your partner. Sit down at an appropriate time when both of you are calm and have plenty of time to chat. Be sensitive bringing it up, but be clear and honest with your emotions. Explain why this is something you’d like to try. If they agree, you can take the next step. If not, talk about other ways to evolve your monogamous relationship.

Set some ground rules.
The rules couples put in place for their open relationships vary greatly, but are all of equal importance. Once your sure that you both want to go forward, sit down and make a list of boundaries that both of you are comfortable with. Write them down and talk out all of the details before going forward. While it’s important to be compromising in a relationship, this isn’t the place to bend-over backwards. Make your opinions known and don’t hold back.

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