Dinosaurs Had Teen Sex

Dinosaurs Had Teen Sex

Dinosaurs Had Teen Sex

Evidence of egg-laying appeared in fossils of adolescent dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Had Sex As Teenagers

According to a study done by UC Berkeley’s paleontologists found some interesting facts about dinosaurs and losing the big v. The scientists discovered that many dinosaurs had sex before reaching their full, adult size. This means that dinosaurs also had a problem with teen pregnancy. It appears abstinence-only sex education didn’t work for them either (thank you!).

The science behind this is as follows: dinosaurs have a special, calcium-rich bone tissue that forms just before an egg is laid. This tissue allows dinosaurs to form eggshells. And less than fully mature female dinos were just found this ‘medullary’ bone formed.

The scientists talk about how this means that all dinosaurs were sexually active before they were full-grown. We think there is a different explanation. Something a little more similar to the human experience. We’re pretty sure that there were older, ‘more mature,’ male dinosaurs involved. Ones that weren't stupid and immature like those high school dinosaur boys. Ones that had Fieros and lived in their own apartments. And had a fridge full of Zimas. We would be surprised if they found any evidence of male dinosaurs having sex before reaching full size. Dry humping, possibly. Full-on intercourse, highly doubtful. “Aw, come on, Tina. Why do you make me wait? At this rate, we’re all going to be extinct before you let me get some.”

"Damn your eyes, Steffen."

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