10 Questions To Ask Before Saying I Do

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10 Questions To Ask Before Saying I Do
Getting engaged? An expert suggests 10 questions to ask before he gets down on one knee.

He’s about to pop the question, but first you need to ask a few of your own—1001, to be exact. In 1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married, author Monica Mendez Leahy hopes couples will probe into their partners’ psyches before they say “I do.”

Some may seem silly: “Are you a light or heavy packer?” Or simple: “Do you consider yourself a morning or night person?” but they all provide insight into your mate’s habits and characteristics you’ll be living with, well, forever.

And though Leahy stresses the importance of each question, YourTango asked her to pick her top ten. So, before you commit, be sure to inquire…

1. Were You The Geek, Stoner, Bully, or Jock in High School?
People change with time, but upon closer inspection it is often clear that we have not strayed far from the basic personality traits we displayed as adolescents. That’s why it’s good to take a sneak peek at his inner sophomore. So, for example, if you find out you’re marrying the class clown, you know you can count on his cut-up skills at a cocktail party, but also be prepared for spitballs with your morning coffee.

2. Are You Turning Into Your Mother or Father?
Try as one might, we can’t deny our genetic makeup or the influence of our parents on the way we are in our own relationships. So if you hear your partner’s mother (or father) in his voice, this may be the time to gently bring his attention to the pattern he’s perpetuating. Of course you should also turn this lens on yourself.

3. What Did You Do When Your Team Lost The Super Bowl?
Noting reactions to losses both large (losing a job, the death a loved one) and small (the Super Bowl, misplacing your car keys), gives great insight as to how a person handles unexpected crises, a major predictor of a successful marriage.

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