No Sex Before Marriage? He Made Her Wait


To honor her husband-to-be, one woman stays chaste before her wedding.

Your husband was a virgin when you married. What was the story there?

Griff and I had very different backgrounds. He was always committed to not having sex before he married. He grew up in a Christian home in a small town in the South. It was never a question for him. And certainly if you’re committed to not having sex, it’s easier to do that with someone who is also committed to it. You just don’t have to argue with them. If, in the heat of the moment, one of you wavers, there’s another person there to pick up the slack. On a level beyond the pragmatic, even though I had recommitted my life to chastity several years before, I don’t know that I had ever dated anyone who was as articulate about why he was committed to chastity. We were able to have very helpful conversations about sexuality. When we got engaged, and had conversations about what it would be like to have sex

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