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 I'm a professional counselor.  I have a profound passion for sharing practical information from my ongoing research, years of work in private-practice and in behavioral clinical-consulting. Where ever I can, I'd like to help make a positive difference in the lives of others, by sharing information about mental health and relationship advice. I'm passionate about saving marriages and long term healthy relationships. I have a lot of experience helping to stabilize very distressed couples by systematically teaching and learning about evidence-based communication and behavior change tools, which are rooted in strong relationship science. Once things are stabilized, then a couple can begin to really expand and maintain their deepened emotional connection again. I've seen some of the worst emotional catastrophes a couple can have, turned around and used as foundations for shared learning and growth. I've seen emotional and sexual affairs become a solid basis for permanently affair-proofing a marriage for good. I've also worked extensively as a behavioral consultant, and developed residential treatment programs and provided program psychotherapy. I know what it takes to work effectively with seriously out-of-control teens and I have much experience in behavioral parent training to share with my readers. Here's a brief snapshot of some of my working background: Private Practice - Individual, Couple, Family. Clinical Behavioral-Consultant; Organization Development Consultant (Master's Level) Treatment Program Development/Implementation Program Psychotherapist Couples Counseling; Parenting; Relapse-Prevention; CISM; CBT; ABA (also known as Applied Behavior Analysis) CISM Advanced Certification Crisis Intervention - Instructor Level Behavioral Parent Training Advanced Conflict Management Cert.

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