Vanessa Williams wearing glasses in bed - Instagram
Actress Vanessa Williams is a survivor of sexual abuse.
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10 Celebrities Who Survived Sexual Abuse

Vanessa Williams recently spoke out about how she was molested by another woman when she was just 10. She is one of several celebs who have survived and who have spoke out as a means to help others who have endured the same painful experience.

American Apparel
Since the mid-2000s, Dov Charney has been knee-deep in sexual harassment allegations.
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Fame, Fortune And Fashion: Why Dov Charney Got Off The Hook

Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney may be currently unemployed, but considering his wealth from his empire and the fact that he has, for years, gotten away with sexual misconduct, he still wins. He wins because, like his fellow perv Terry Richardson, society allows him to do so.

Woody Allen & Dylan Farrow
Dylan Farrow wrote a damning essay alleging Allen molested her when she was a child.
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Did Woody Allen Really Molest Dylan Farrow?

After Dylan Farrow wrote a harrowing missive in 'The New York Times' accusing Woody Allen of child molestation, the world went into an uproar. Did he or didn't he? Our expert weighs in on the facts here.

Maria Menounos doctors
The TV host has had some scary experiences
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Maria Menounos Reveals She Was Sexually Abused By Two Doctors

No one likes going to the doctor, even if it's just for a check-up. There's always the tiny fear that they'll find something wrong with you or tell you something you don't want to hear. But the one thing you can count on when you're a patient is that doctors are trustworthy and have your best interests in mind. Or do they?

"I thought threesomes were supposed to be exciting."
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Love Bytes: "I Had A Threesome And It Was Lame"

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Dan Savage's new MTV show "Savage U" premiered last night. Italian "Vogue" editor talks eating disorders. One woman, two men. 10 reasons to date the boy you grew up with. 6 places to have sex around the house.

barbara boxer
Sen. Barbara Boxer: "It's hard to believe we're having this conversation in 2012."
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Why Are Republicans Attacking The Violence Against Women Act?

Senate Democrats appear to be setting up a fight with the GOP over extending the Violence Against Women Act. Republicans wary about being branded anti-woman object to the inclusion of gays and illegals, and say the Dems are trying to score political points.

Middle School Memories Of Having Been Called A "Hooch"
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Middle School Memories Of Having Been Called A "Hooch"

I’m 32 and I don’t know if I have ever fully recovered from seventh grade. When I graduated my beloved elementary school and went to a much bigger middle school across town, some of my old classmates also switched to the same middle school, one of whom was my sixth grade ex-boyfriend. We had a messy “separation” after I came back from summer camp and realized that he was no longer interested in knowing me anymore, no less holding my hand at the park and buying me beanie babies.