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FINALLY, Thor Brings Down The Hammer On Sexism In Comics

Growing up, the only place I felt safe reading comic books was under my bed covers, reading Wonder Woman, The Huntress, etc. Still, these heroines of print weren't really satisfying to me as a little girl looking for heroes to emulate. So that's why I saw a glimmer of hope when Marvel Comics officially announced that Thor is now a woman.

American Apparel
Since the mid-2000s, Dov Charney has been knee-deep in sexual harassment allegations.
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Fame, Fortune And Fashion: Why Dov Charney Got Off The Hook

Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney may be currently unemployed, but considering his wealth from his empire and the fact that he has, for years, gotten away with sexual misconduct, he still wins. He wins because, like his fellow perv Terry Richardson, society allows him to do so.

Are you guilty of virgin-shaming?
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Is Virgin-Shaming The New Sl*t-Shaming?

A recent survey reveals the new national trend of shaming women for their 'virgin' status. Women are continually torn between wanting independence and wanting a relationship, and therefore, they are labelled as either 'sl*ts' or 'virgins' — so what does this say about our culture?

mitt romney ann romney binders full of women
Nice pink dress, Ann. Did Mitt Romney pick her out of a binder too?
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4 Ways Mitt Romney Is Terrible For Women ('Binders' Aside)

Well, that's one more 2012 presidential debate said and done, and I'm sure the only thing people on both Democrats and Republicans will be able to agree upon tomorrow will be that both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney looked faaabulous in their Schiaparelli pink outfits. Yep, the wives sure made quite the impression! But not as much as Mitt's "Binders Full of Women!"

If only he paid me for this...
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Weird News: Should Housewives Earn A Salary?

It's long been said that hiring a person (or people) to cook, clean, nanny/teach a kid to read, pay household bills, shop and have sex would cost a pretty penny. And seemingly, only super villains and Brangelinas have the kind of foresight and cash to hire those several people. However, dear friends, a house spouse (let us not give husbands who work from the home short thrift) does all of these jobs and is NOT on anyone's payroll.

love keyboard
A new study reveals online daters' photo and profile preferences.
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Online Dating Study: Men Want To See Less Writing, More Boobs

Online dating is a lot like a job in sales. Only rather than convincing potential customers to purchase a product, you're persuading them to invest their time in getting to know you. The reward? A few dates and, if you're lucky, a serious relationship.

Is It "The End of Men" As We Know It?
Remember, say, a decade ago, when men were ruling the world? Us neither.
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'The End Of Men': Are Men SO Yesterday?

The End of Men. It's a catch-phrase we can't seem to retire, and the title of Hanna Rosin's new book about working women uprooting male power. But perhaps it's not the end of men at all—just the beginning of a newer, better version.

man ogling woman
"Really, dude?"
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Study: Women Ogle Other Women's Breasts, Too

You know how people say that men are ALWAYS objectifying women? Well, they are. However, women do it too. From their lips, nips and hips to their toe tips, a gal will eyeball a woman as collection of body parts nearly as readily as a man, per a new study.