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man watching porn
Studies show men turn to porn when they're feeling unfulfilled in their relationships.
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Is Porn Ruining Your Relationship?

"In a 20,000-person study recently conducted by, porn is the most prevalently cited obstacle for romantic relationships between men and women in their teens and 20s. Women say guys are emotionally unavailable, and men say porn makes them less interested in pursuing a relationship."

strong man muscle
Into buff guys? According to science, they don't make the best boyfriends.
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Science Says: Don't Date The Muscular Guy!

According to a study conducted at the University of Westminster, stronger men make awful boyfriends. The study surveyed 327 straight British men, more than a third of whom were single, and discovered that the more muscular the participant, the more likely he was to have sexist beliefs and hostility toward women.

There are words you can't say in the Michigan legislature when discussing abortion.
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Love Bytes: Guess You Can't Say 'Vagina' In Michigan

Why you really like watching scary movies with a guy. Naked men will tell you anything. The worst dads in the animal kingdom. There are certain words you can't say in the Michigan legislature when discussing abortion. Win sex toys for COUPLES! Women who like sex aren't sluts.

Sister Margaret Farley's book, which contains "radical feminist ideas," shocked Catholics.
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Catholic Nun Says Female Masturbation Helps Marriages

Well, well. Either there is a God after all, or the world really is coming to an end. Proof? A Catholic nun is condoning masturbation! Shocking, right? Not only that, but the maverick who's gotten the Vatican all up in arms is also down with divorce and thinks gay marriage is all the rage.

ann romney
Let's not bash Ann Romney for her life choices.
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Ann Romney Should Be Proud Of Her Stay-At-Home Mom Status

My sister is a stay-at-home mom. Her day starts at 6 a.m., when my nephews get up, and isn't over until the last of the two monkeys heads off to bed around 8 p.m. Every single second of her day is dedicated to my two nephews, ages two and three, and I can say without a single doubt in my mind that my sister is the hardest worker I know.

housewife retro
Women are no longer relegated to being housewives -- but that doesn't mean we're equal.
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Are Gender Roles In Relationships On Their Way Out?

Stay-at-home dads and breadwinning moms may be the norm soon, predicts Liza Mundy in her new book, "The Richer Sex." She points out that "almost forty percent of U.S. working wives now outearn their husbands," and that traditional gender roles are a thing of the past. It's not surprising, given that society's view of women has rapidly changed in the past century. But what does this mean for relationships?

Samantha Brick
Samantha Brick is getting a ton of attention for writing an article on her own hotness.
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Samantha Brick: Do We Hate Confident Women?

In case you missed it, Samantha Brick, whose name even sounds made-up, wrote about how "pretty" she is, and how it leads to constant spontaneous gift-giving by men around her. "There are downsides to being pretty," she wrote. "The main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks."

women bikinis
Not everyone looks like these gals in a bikini.
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7 Reasons "Bikini Season" Is Stupid

Hooray! Winter is officially over, and spring has arrived. Which means cherry blossoms, the smell of lilacs, the return of the sun…and a torrential downpour of body-shaming ads that would like you to think that you have been a fat lump all winter, and that you are unfit for a swimsuit. Welcome to the beginning of "bikini season."

barbara boxer
Sen. Barbara Boxer: "It's hard to believe we're having this conversation in 2012."
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Why Are Republicans Attacking The Violence Against Women Act?

Senate Democrats appear to be setting up a fight with the GOP over extending the Violence Against Women Act. Republicans wary about being branded anti-woman object to the inclusion of gays and illegals, and say the Dems are trying to score political points.

ananda marchildon
Dutch model Ananda Marchildon.
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Would You Call This Woman 'Too Fat'?

As if women didn't struggle with body image enough these days, the following news comes from Holland: "A former winner of the television show 'Holland's Next Top Model' has won a lawsuit against Elite Model Management after she was dropped for having hips the agency considered too large."

Happy International Women's Day
Happy International Women's Day!
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Happy International Women's Day! 8 Reasons To Celebrate

Not only is March Women's History Month, but today is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate everything women have achieved, and remember that we still have a long way to go. Today we're thankful for the reasons to celebrate women's progress, as well as mindful of the setbacks we still have to grapple with.

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh never seems to put his foot in his mouth.
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Sandra Fluke & 19 More Outrageous Rush Limbaugh Comments

Calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" and slamming author Tracie McMillan as overeducated but not necessarily intelligent were just the radio host's latest zingers. From equating Obama with Hitler to likening Hillary Clinton to a "screeching ex-wife," Rush's 19 most outrageous remarks.

Love Bytes: How To Tell If You're A Slut
Are you a slut? Find out with a handy flowchart.
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Love Bytes: How To Tell If You're A Slut

There are reasons not to date geeks. That vibrator could be undermining him. Women would rather share pain than pleasure. He robbed her, then asked for a date. The logic behind dry humping. A flowchart that indicates promiscuity. Bethenny Frankel should try honey instead of vinegar. Some husbands are put off by childbirth. Sharing a bathroom with a boy is weird. And, Jon Stewart has a few smart things to say about the Limbaugh/Fluke deal.

joan rivers
Joan Rivers has been hating on Chelsea Handler lately.
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Angry Single Blogger: Joan Rivers, Quit The Slut-Shaming!

If you have yet to hear the term slut-shaming, then you're a wee bit behind the times. Slut-shaming is when someone "shames" a woman for, basically, being sexy or having "too much" sex. For example, you see a girl walking down the street in barely-there clothing and you turn to your friend and you say: "What a slut!" You've just slut-shamed her. You don't know anything about her; you're just judging her by her looks.