9 Signs You Should Make Him Engagement Chicken


engagement chicken
There are a few unconventional signs that he's a keeper.

Our buddies at Asylum made a great list of 9 signs that indicate a dude needs to wife his girl up. It's a great list though Tomfoolery frowns upon certain bathroom humor. After reading it, I started wondering about the nine signs that a gal should go ahead and bake up that engagement chicken and reel this hunka hunka love into the marital boat.

1) He complains. Per one of the YourTango users, if a guy complains about chores, but does them anyway, that shows you how much he loves you. It barely counts if he likes doing it. There's a certain beauty in that logic.


2) You guys fight, periodically. A) Couples who argue truthfully and respectfully rarely have crazy blowups or weird, seething, stabby resentment. B) Makeup and angry sex are a couple of life's treats. Read: Love & Anger: How to Fight Right

3) He's not really into the computer. It's borderline impossible to become addicted to interweb porn if he rarely uses the computer. Samesies Ashley Madison. Though he should be able to use Google.

4) He'll cry but isn't a crier. There are a handful of times that a man is allowed to cry: birth/death of a child, foot caught in bear trap, traumatic world events, "Star Spangled Banner"+wounded veterans+Fourth Of July and the song "Cat's In The Cradle."

5) He owns a tuxedo. Owning a tuxedo proves a couple of things about a guy: A) He doesn't mind going to a black tie event, B) He makes sound financial decisions—a tux pays for itself around four rentals, and C) He plans on staying about the same size for the foreseeable future.

Next: 4 more signs to start cooking that chicken...

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