It goes without saying that breakups can be super messy. But when you add facebook into the mix, things can get even more problematic. After dating for so long, having a public breakup on Facebook can pretty jarring. Let's be honest. There's no denying that we've all been guilty of creeping our ex's facebook pages just to see if we're mentioned or camping out for the sole purpose of figuring out if he has a new girlfriend. But that's one of the major reasons why having good Facebook manners is so important (something that Timmy and Alice clearly don't have).

This hilarious take on the craziness that goes on once you breakup with your ex is SO accurate. From putting your business out in the open to writing cryptic statuses, there's definitely certain things that you just shouldn't do. There's pretty much a science to learning the dos and don'ts of breaking up on Facebook. Honestly, Facebook should just be considered the biggest test for all relationships. Sometimes, when you share everything about your relationship online, it ends up coming back to haunt you once it's all over. After all, there's nothing worse than a lover scorned...But that doesn't mean that we'll stop creeping our exes pages anytime soon—After all, we're only human! You can follow along with this quirky couple (and see how they got together) in our video series Electronic Picture Diaries and find out more about them here.

Presented by Big Fuel—the Consumer Engagement Agency, YourTango is proud to announce that "Facebook Manners and You" is a 2010 Webby Awards Official Honoree in Best Writing and Best Comedy: Individual Short or Episode.

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