How To Have Phone Sex: Tips For Beginners


How To Have Phone Sex: Tips For Beginners
Long distance lovers and couples in close proximity alike benefit from the intimacy of phone sex.

It can start with a simple question like: "What are you wearing?" Other times it starts with a focus on breathing or a loving, but stern, command. And sometimes it starts with a simple "hello" and an ordinary conversation. No matter how it begins, once it's underway you'd better hope you have unlimited minutes. If you're having phone sex, there's no telling how long the call will last or how hot and bothered you'll get.

If you're feeling even the least bit weird about spicing up your airwaves, know that a recent survey by Cosmopolitan magazine said that 85 percent of guys would like their girl to give it to them good—over the phone. But your partner's participation isn't the key to enjoying phone sex—you are. Alan, a phone sex enthusiast, says that after phone sex his girlfriend showered him with compliments. "She told me that she was amazed at my ability to satisfy her—when, in fact, she was satisfying herself. All I was doing was enhancing the experience." How To Orgasm From Giving A Blow Job

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