Want To Improve Your Relationship? Survey Reveals A Surprising Rx

Want To Improve Your Relationship? Survey Reveals A Surprising Rx

Want To Improve Your Relationship? Survey Reveals A Surprising Rx

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A new survey from YourTango and Ford reveals road trips & car time are good for relationships.

Taking a road trip with your significant other? Chances are good the time together will improve your relationship.

In fact, 91 percent of couples have taken road trips together, and 84 percent agree the experience has strengthened their relationship, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 people released by YourTango collaborating with Ford Motor Company.

Of course, coupled driving time is not all sunshine and roses. For instance, plenty of couples (63 percent) have a "back-seat driver" on board who "helps" the real driver negotiate the road, offering him or her the following advice:


- 32 percent tell the driver they're driving too fast
- 27 percent tell them they're going the wrong way
- 22 percent tell them they're not paying enough attention to their surroundings/traffic
- 15 percent chide them for driving too slowly
- 9 percent tell them they're not using signals properly/sufficiently
- 7 percent chide them for honking/usual foul language/gestures towards other drivers

After guiding the driver, the second most popular back-seat driving technique involves physical actions like holding the dashboard or pressing an invisible brake. In third place comes gasping and making other sounds of fright.

Despite Back-Seat Driving, Car Time Is Quality Couples Time
Despite the back-seat driving tendencies of couples, the survey revealed that togetherness on the road presents an opportunity for quality time among couples in all sorts of ways. Car Confessions: 27 True Tales Of Love On The Road

Sixty-three percent of respondents agree or strongly agree they are affectionate with their partner while driving; they hold hands or share a kiss at a red light. Fifty-seven percent say driving is a good time to discuss important topics with their spouse or partner.

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