What are the signs that your relationship is in trouble? How do you save a crumbling connection? If you've been searching for the real reason that your relationship is beginning to fall apart after everything seemed to be going so well, look no further. Our expert has the secret to success.
In this video, YourTango expert and relationship coach Sherry Amatenstein reveals the signs that your love is beginning to end—and it has nothing to do with cheating! Learn what will doom your relationship, and how to make it last instead.
Many couples seem to be in a continuous argument. Can you truly love someone if you are constantly arguing? In order to end the fighting you must put aside your pride for the sake of the relationship. Which is more important to you, being happy and moving further in the relationship? Or winning the argument? If winning is more important than maybe it is time to end things and go your separate ways. If you truly care about the person figure out a compromise and go back to being a happy couple.
Check out the video above and find out what the real poison is before it gets to you and your partner.

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