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Love Advice: Let Your Partner Know How You Feel Loved
How do you show him you love him?
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5 Steps To Making Sure Your Partner Knows How To Love You

Everyone loves to feel loved. But you may not know what your partner needs to feel loved. Couples must be open with each other about their needs in the relationship, whether they be sexual or otherwise. Letting them know how to love you and vise versa can give you a more fulfilling relationship. Read on to learn the five steps to getting there!

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Be the change you want to see.

Can Your Outlook On Life Affect The Relationships You Make?

There's definitely some truth to the saying that our relationships, romantic and otherwise, define us. But how do we make sure that all of our relationships are healthy and not poisonous to us? Is it possible that there's more to Gandhi's famous words "Be the change you want to see" than we may have originally thought?

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Understanding each other can spice up your relationship in more than one way.

Do Men And Women Really Think Differently About Sex?

Sure, men and women have different sexual parts but how different are they really when it comes to sex? Our Experts discuss libido, orgasms and just how the male and female brains really differ when it comes to sexuality.

Who WOULDN'T fall in love with this cute mug?
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Love Bytes: Pit Bull And Deer Become Adorable BFFs

There was Tom and Jerry, the Fox and the Hound ... and then, there was a pit bull and deer. They've become the best of friends. Plus, the weird lube now available in California. It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!