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'Love is not a potato. You can't throw it out the window.'
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Fatherly Wisdom: 16 Ladies Share What Dad Taught Them About Love

For all of the guarding they do, dads also guide us to make the right decisions when it comes to love (even if no guy will ever measure up to their standards). Read on for the best love advice that these 16 ladies received from their fathers — from when to fall in love, to when to walk away, and how love is actually kind of like a potato...

Love Advice: How You Health Fits In To Finding Love
Give your love and health a chance to last a lifetime.
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The Link Between Health And Love: 5 Tips To Help Both

Many people don't realize that finding health can be your best chance at finding love. You want to spend as many years as possible with that person. This will require you to be as healthy as possible. Below are a few tips to improve your health and also your love life.

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Understand the art of his seduction.

Let's Play A Love Game: Spotting The Pickup Artist

Do you know what a PUA is? PUA is the acronym for pickup artist. Pickup artists are men who know all the right moves and have the art of seduction up their sleeves. If you want to learn how to tell the difference between who's really interested or is simply running game, you may want to keep these tips in mind.

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Call waiting went out of style a long time ago. Waiting for a guy to call should too.
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Love Bytes: To Call Or Not To Call? That Is The Question

The date was great. The kiss that follows was even better. You're all smiles as you go your separate ways, but then ... nothin'. No phone call. No text message. Handsome McSmiles just vanished into thin air. What's up with that? Plus, singing orgasms sound like a good idea at first, but totally fail in practice ... as you'll find out from this video. It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!

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Can watching porn really hurt your love life?

Can Watching Porn Actually Save Your Relationship?

We've all heard about porn wrecking relationships but can it ever help them? From the secrecy that comes from the fear of being shamed to porn addiction, is it really possible that watching porn could actually lead to a healthy sex life?