Lots of people stay in bad marriages for the sake of their kids. But that may be even unhealthier for them. When it's time to face the facts that you need a divorce, how can you best protect your kids?

Mediator Rachel Green discusses ways to stop being plagued by thoughts of whether your children will make it out okay after the dust has settled and you've realized that your marriage just isn't working. Now that talks of divorce aren't the big elephant in the room, being concerned about whether it will have a negative effect kids is perfectly natural and understanding. However, research has shown that it's not divorce that hurts children but rather high conflict between the parents. Choosing to go through mediation will give you an opportunity to talk about all of the feelings and needs that have risen because of the end of the marriage — without the kids being involved.

Check out the video above for more ways on how mediation can help ensure that your family is protected in spite of this difficult moment.

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