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The Top 4 Reasons To Date A Bad Boy


The Top 4 Reasons To Date A Bad Boy
All bad boys are not created equal-not all of them want to break your heart.

Bad boys get a fairly, well...bad rap.  At the mere mention of a bad boy, women instinctively lock up their hearts and run away as fast as their stilletos will carry them.  But all bad boys are not created equal.  Some are absolute jerks, there is no disputing that, and we never believe you should settle for a man who treats you poorly.   But what about the other ones?  There are some men who wear their "bad boy" badge (say that 3 times fast) proudly, because it has nothing to do with how they treat women.  It's an attitude, a way of approaching the world and dating one of these guys is quite the ride.  Here are four reasons you should consider dating a bad boy.

1. They will keep you on your toes.  This is the kind of guy who will convince you to hop on the back of his motorcycle at 3pm on a Wednesday for an impromptu trip to Palm Springs just because.  He isn't confined by social norms and your protests of "I have to work" fall on deaf ears...it's all about living in the moment and having a damn good time.

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2. The sex. Oh god, the sex. One characteristic most bad boys have is their unlimited confidence, which translates into being amazing in the sack.  These guys aren't afraid to do what it takes to please you, and because they tend to laugh in the face of boring missionary position, it's safe to say your hook-ups will always be memorable enough to make you weak in the knees. Nothing is off limits with a bad boy...nothing.

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3. No games. Bad boys don't need to play games.  Their confidence and brazen attitude makes it easy for them to tell you what they are thinking and why, and expect the same from you.  This kind of straightforwardness might make some women uncomfortable, simply because they aren't used to it. For example, if you meet a bad boy on an online dating site and he's interested, he'll let you know...in no uncertain terms.  Bad boys are also passionate and hard headed when it comes to their beliefs and convictions, but don't be afraid to disagree with them-strong women are sexy.

4. His soft side.  When a bad boy finally lets his guard down and revels his softer, more nuturing side, he's simply asking for acceptance. That kind of vulnerability is completely endearing because you feel like you're in on some little secret.  He's trusting you to love him even when he's not being a "bad boy."  These kind of guys are surprisingly attentive, caring and sensitive, because when they do decide to let their defenses down, they take it pretty seriously.  You'll be one lucky girl, and you'll quickly stop seeing his as a bad boy...he'll be your good guy.

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