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Creating balance in life can be tricky on the best of days.  Add in the dismantling of a relationship through a separation or divorce that overlays work, family and community, possibly even an underlying health condition or infidelity/affair and the walls can feel like they are crumbling all around you.  The intensity of a severing of a relationship is in a sense a forced dark night of the soul.

The logistical nightmare of divorce, legal and otherwise can be overwhelming.  The demands of emotional stability that you are striving to provide for either children or your parents to secure THEIR feelings of worry about how you are doing seems more than one can bear.  The subtle faces of depression begin to rear their ugly head: increased desire to sleep, over or under eating, stuffing the pain with pharmaceuticals, alcohol or cigarettes.

Lastly, there's the desire to confide your pain in a good friend or close community member when you come to find that all of the hard work you had done to create community is met with closed doors since no one wants to hear about your yucky break up/ separation/divorce or even continued custody and financial battles with your ex. 

All of these can leave you feeling very isolated and alone, deeply sad and sometimes angry to the point of wrathful fury

I can completely relate! After being married for seventeen years and bearing three children, I became divorced when they were ages 7,9 and 11. The process of discovering if divorce was the right choice, the pain of coming to terms with it being the correct decision and the strength it took to haul my booty out of the home that had been his family's home, having to commute 60 miles each day to see our children since I had been the stay at home Mom for over that 11 year period was brutal.  My personal character was attacked non-stop through the legal battles.  Through some insane circumstances, I was left for a year's period with only 30% custody even though I ended up living 15 minutes from their father. 

Through my own transformation, I created a very simple well-rounded approach to empowering myself through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual behavior changes that reshaped my path and my world. I explain this journey in my webinar 9 Things You Can Count On In Divorce.  It's not a journey for the faint of heart, but if you are looking for true joy, love and freedom it's the only journey.  

My weekly radio show, The Mother Rising, on Voice America's Empowerment station hosts guests on the cutting edge within the divorce community. Not only do my listeners learn new tools and techniques for navigating the power players and emotions around divorcing that rock their soul, but they also gain inspiration to make regular behavior changes that will allow for more joy, love and freedom in their evolving lives.

Being paralized by our isolation and alienation can not only have devastating effects on our personal health, but also can send ripples of ill health to our children, finances and our extended family and community. In Clear Choice Divorce, my weekly expertly guided support community that engages any stage of divorce, I use the model of the 9 Things You Can Count On In Divorce throughout the 12 weeks of online conference call sessions where we explore the complex logistical, legal, relationship, child rearing, financial issues and more.

Join me on your journey back to your own true self.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Coaching sort of came to me and then I turned around to embrace it.  I intuitively was helping friends and family with everyday health and wellness coaching when one friend said to me, "You are the BEST coach.  I don't know what I'd do without you." I didn't actually want to be a coach.  I thought it sounded quite goofy and cheesy and unqualified.  I had a BA in Neuroscience and a Master's in Health Services Administration.  I had previously had my own consulting business integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine into conventional medical environments and I didn't want to see all of my hard work and training dismissed.  I was then introduced to Wellcoaches which is a coaching methodology that is evidence based and is associated with the Harvard Medical School's Institute for Coaching. 

The more I learned, the better fit it seemed.  So off I went to obtain my offical training and certification.  I truly thought that I would work with people on their overall health and wellness challenges; however, when it came down to it, I was surrounded by people wanting to know how I had gotten through my yucky divorce so smoothly.  How did I keep my mind so clear and focused on the positive when they knew how messy the world around me had become. And to my surprise, my training, style and deep understanding of divorce, children, the legal process, and dealing with a soon to be ex/ex who is needless to say, CHALLENGING launched me into Divorce Wellness Coaching.

From this the book of my personal journey through divorce is being crafted and has a tentative release date of later in 2014. Additionally, a range of truly pragmatic coaching package options were developed.

I look forward to the possibility of creating a chrysallis that holds you safely during your transformation into your new life!

Margaret Jacobson

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