Ladies, Stop Thinking These Facts About Men Are True


Dating: 5 Misconceptions Women Have About Men
Dating men means letting go of the misconceptions you might be harboring.

For many women, being happy in dating involves knowing how to make a man fall in love. Some women flirt, others play hard to get. Some bathe the man they like in attention, others only show enough attention to let the guy know they’re interested. But, at least in part, knowing how to make a man fall in love isn’t necessarily about how to act (bat eyelashes in three, two, one….). Instead, it’s really about knowing how men think.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always super easy: the average man would rather stare out in space and grunt rather than share his feelings. Still, it’s not impossible to understand men — it all begins with correcting the common misconceptions.

The Fatal Five
One of the reasons it can be so difficult for the genders to get along is that there’s so much misinformation (about each sex) out there. Both men and women are guilty of making assumptions about their counterparts.

In regards to women, sometimes these misconceptions develop because of past experiences, other times it’s due to stories that friends and loved ones relay. And, of course, Hollywood is also at fault. Really, we can blame Hollywood for just about anything.

Yet, regardless of how these misconceptions came to be, learning about them can mean the difference between knowing how to make a man fall in love and knowing how to make one run away as fast as he possibly can.

These fatal five include:

  1. Men want women with blonde hair and big boobs: Many men have types and — for some men — that type may be some version of Marilyn Monroe. But, most men aren't nearly as shallow as some women assume them to be. Sure, they want to be attracted to their mate, but attraction comes in all shapes and all sizes.
  2. Men are only after sex: Another common misconception that women harbor about men is the issue of sex. Some women are certain that it's all men care about. This may be true for the average sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy, but men care about much more than simply getting laid (at least the majority, anyway). They care about values, morals, intellect, and sense of humor, just to name a few.
  3. Men dont have biological clocks: The biological clock has, throughout history, largely been believed to have a uterus; but, the truth is that men have a biological clock as well. As men age, many of them experience the desire to settle down and get married (white picket fence entirely optional). So, while women's may be louder, men hear that ticking too.
  4. Men are players: To say that all men are players is about as fair as saying that all women are bitches. Are there some players in the male gender? Sure, just as there are some women who chew others out as regularly as others chew on gum. But, a few rotten apples shouldn’t ruin the entire bunch: there are plenty of men in the proverbial sea who aren’t players, and also repelled by those who are.
  5. Men are afraid of commitment: The idea that men are afraid of commitment is perhaps the misconception most unwarranted: if they were, You Tube wouldn't be filled with marriage proposals so cute that we don’t know whether to smile or puke. Some men may indeed be afraid of commitment — just as some women may be too — but many aren’t; it’s not spending their lives with one person that scares them, it’s spending their lives with the wrong person that they find terrifying.

Are you guilty of believing these misconceptions are true? If so, you may be preventing yourself from seeing the good in the men you meet. Share your opinions in the comments! 

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