3 Simple Steps To Your Healthiest Self


3 Simple Steps To Your Healthiest Self [EXPERT]
Your path to wellness doesn't have to be an uncomfortable journey.

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Most of us feel we have too much on our plates, both literally and figuratively. So, we start on a journey from here (wherever you are) to there (wherever you want to be) — pursuing a personal version of vibrant health and happiness.


Usually, this path to wellness is seen as an uncomfortable journey that requires a lot of inner willpower. As Mick George sums it up, "Anytime we say we 'have to' do anything, it means we are living our life reluctantly." There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

This is why we see diets and health programs fail again and again as we try to adapt ourselves to someone else's idea of normal. No wonder there are so many obstacles in our way; we simply feel powerless and misunderstood.

My focus at BodyVision Health Coaching is to give you the tools you need to create your own path to wellness. There are three steps to this process. The duration of each step depends on your personal needs. You can use the free workbook, get on our lists, join the membership, take our group course or sign up for one-on-one sessions where we can delve deeper into empowering your specific life situation.

In all of these, we'll be using the process outlined below:

1. Discovery. We begin at the beginning. Before taking action, we need to thoroughly discover your current status quo.

What is your lifestyle like now? What have you tried in the past? What worked well and not-so well? How would you like to feel when you reach your goals? What values are showing up for you in the vision of 'my best self'? What obstacles do you have or can you foresee? What obstacles are perceived and which ones are real?

The discovery phase of the three-step plan is thorough and matter-of-fact, somewhat similar to planning a trip. Tools, questionnaires and surveys are helpful, and I share the most efficient ones with you.

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