Dating & Relationships: 50 Sex Tips For Men & Women


Dating & Relationships: 50 Sex Tips For Men & Women
Keep the sex alive in your relationship by keeping it new! Try these tips out at home.

Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or just dating at the moment, these tips are something to implement into your sex-life. Many of us forget about the little things that we loved about each other when we first met & become complacent within our relationships. This is not something to be taken lightly and nurturing the love between you & your partner should be a top priority on a daily basis.

Taking each other for granted is one of the top reasons for the divorce statistics today. You chose each other for a reason ~ don’t forget why. Keep it fresh & alive by creating new memories. You wouldn’t stop loving your children so put in the same energies with loving your partner.


#1 reason with many women is Romance. If a man knows how to be romantic he will be able to lure his lady sexually without persistence. #1 For most men is getting regular sex

  • Don’t ignore men’s nipples
  • Keep it fresh and alive for both sexes ~ don’t be predictable!
  • Men like women who explore & take initiative sexually.
  • Women like massage/candles/ soft words and a man who caresses them. (They do not like to be to be groped or men who are constantly aggressive!)
  • Men love lingerie and a woman who enjoys wearing it.
  • They also like it when she decides to forego her underwear when out for the evening.
  • Booze-less sex is better than a drunken session. The senses are more alive sober & you actually remember you had sex!
  • Make time for daytime sex!  Sex after 9pm becomes a routine & never as arousing ~ everyone is tired from their busy day.
  • A little naughty talk in the bedroom is alluring for both sexes once you get over being shy.
  • Send phone sex messages (if you call them at the office ensure the speaker phone is off)
  • Always listen to what your partner says they like during sex.
  • Pick up on their desires in & out of the bedroom & use it to your advantage.
  • Hot coffee delivered in the morning guarantees is like foreplay to a woman.
  • The littlest gestures will increase your odds of better sex or at least getting it once in a while.
  • Try new positions don’t become a creature of habit in the bedroom
  • Wear cologne or body cream lightly & do not forget the deodorant! You may not think you need it but trust me most people do!
  • Learn how to read each other’s feelings so you don’t have to ask.
  • Be aware of their body language. Know when something is not right.
  • Ask questions! Show interest in their life.
  • After your man gets home from work, bring him a drink or the remote control for an hour. He needs time to unwind not 50 questions.

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