Let Go Of Depression And Welcome Joy Back Into Your Life


Let Go Of Depression And Welcome Joy Back Into Your Life
Even long term depression can be overcome and it's the most rewarding work you'll ever do!

Depression is more than a Blue Day, sadness, or even a broken heart, although it happens because of such things and feels a lot like the blues. If you’ve ever had a real depression, you know what I mean.

Depression is usually seen as something that requires medication to relieve and sometimes it’s simply taken for granted that you must learn to live with it … forever, more or less. But if you know depression, you know it’s truly frustrating and feels pretty hopeless when you think of taking toxic drugs all your life just to be able to get out of bed or act like you’re ok at work. Your life kind of wanders past you without noticing that you exist. You gain weight from the medications and feel even worse about yourself and your future happiness. You rarely feel like going out or doing fun things and nothing is interesting enough to motivate you to be creative or adventurous and it’s hard to be active, athletic, involved with others. Eventually, people get tired of asking you, listening to you and waiting for you to “get over it”.


You’ve probably seen the commercial: “Depression hurts”. Yeah, it does. It hurts your head, your feelings, your heart, your work, your friends, your family, your legs and your lover – or love life. But the answer isn’t adding medication to your medication that is already not working. Really! If medication worked … why isn’t it working?

Depression needs healing! I know. I grew up depressed and lived most of my life dealing with depression and yes I did some of the meds and thought a lot about suicide. Today I can honestly say that depression is a thing of the past for me. Completely! It has been for over a decade now and during that time I have used what I’ve learned from depression and healing and what I’ve learned in my professional training and education, to help numerous clients overcome their depression whether it was a situational depression, recurring major depression or a chronic life long depression (dysthymia).

You weren’t born depressed and it’s not natural to you, so you don’t have to learn to live with it forever or take medications all your life to control it. You have to learn to love yourself and know your value in this world you were born to live in. That’s all.

Sounds simple, and in truth it is. But it’s not exactly easy, and no one else can do it for you or make it happen. It really is an inside job that only you can do and in the process you will become a better, more flexible, wiser, stronger and confident person. You will let go of shame, guilt, victimhood, doubt and indecisiveness while becoming someone you can truly love, respect and admire … and others will too.

There is a caveat. Bi-Polar depression is a physical issue that usually requires and responds well to medications, and, there are alternative and natural meds that when properly used and combined with excellent counseling and self work can do the job if the aspects of the Bi-Polar condition are not too severe. (Not St. John’s Wart! While it works well for non Bi-Polar depression in most people, it can trigger manic episodes in a Bi-Polar condition.)

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