Hi, I’m Sophie Keller. I am a happiness expert, speaker and author of the best selling, How Happy is 4-book series. How Happy is Your Love Life? How Happy is Your Home? How Happy is Your Marriage? And How Happy is Your Health? Each book has 50 happiness-boosting tips with a fun and revealing quiz at the beginning which will take you to the tips that you personally need the most. You are going to love How Happy is and the easy to apply happiness-boosting tips if:

You are single and want to find and keep your perfect partner.

You are married or in a relationship and want to know how to make it go from good to great.

You want to know how to make inexpensive and effective changes to the layout and design of your house to bring more health, wealth and joy in to your home.

You really would like to be at your optimum weight, reverse signs of aging and live a long and healthy life. 

My extensive training in countless mind, body and spirit healing techniques, such as NLP, hypnotherapy, feng shui, yoga, astrology etc means that I can quickly uncover where and how you are stuck in your life and what you practically need to do in order to move forward and become happier.

I have also created a workbook and guided meditation package called Healing After Miscarriage. Helping You Cope and Recover From the Loss of A Baby. My own loss was the catalyst in creating this highly effective healing package. I now have a glorious son called Judah and have been happily married for 9 years.

You might like to know that I also trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London and am best known in the USA as an actress when I starred as a series regular on the critically acclaimed ABC drama, Gideon’s Crossing. www.howhappyis.com

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

My goal is to help you to let loose that spark of happiness, so that it can emanate in to every area of your life, regardless of your external circumstances.

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