The Millionaire Matchmaker A Flop In The Black Community


The Millionaire Matchmaker A Flop In The Black Community
How Patti Stanger's advice is great at producing ratings but ineffective at producing results!

Patti Stanger has done well at marketing the fact that as a third generation matchmaker she has a high rate of successful matches. She has successfully held her own Millionaire Match Maker show for 5 seasons on Bravo television as she runs a Millionaire Matchmaking Club in which she helps mostly millionaire single men come closer to finding love with women who are looking to be matched with a millionaire. Ms. Stanger admits that she does not sell marriage; she sells love and does not guarantee marriage will be the ultimate result of her matches.

Although, Patti Stanger claims to have a high matchmaking success rate, I question what standard of measurement she uses to gauge that success. It is no surprise that marriage is not Patti Stanger ultimate goal for her clients when she has openly rejected the idea of marriage for quite some time for herself. If marriage is not the ultimate goal for her dating clients, then what is the point? If these clients were interested in being lifetime daters then why would they need to pay her $50,000 to assist them in finding that special someone to love?


Patti is now 50 years old and unmarried but it appears that the public pressure of being unmarried has weighed on her because in her 3rd season she prematurely announced that she was engaged and planning her wedding only to eventually announce that the wedding was off.  In her recent season, she is now playing matchmaker for herself!  However, any expert in the field of love and relationships knows that this is likely a public relations move and it is unlikely that she is fully receptive to getting married when she as openly expressed that she is not ready to settle down and give her attention to someone else. She said on the show that she likes the single life and freedom that comes with it to travel and do as she pleases. With that mindset, she verifies that she has struggled with the same fears and hangs ups of many dating singles that stands in their way of finding true love.

The idea that marriage is not the ultimate goal in a dating relationship is a destructive idea to the African American community. With a rate of 42% of African American women not ever been married, the African Americans community can not afford to accept the mind set that it is ok to stay single for the rest of your life if this is what works best for you. If the Black community did not face a 66% birth rate of black children born to single mothers in poverty, 60% of African American boys who grow up in a single parent home more likely to end up in jail and 62% of African American girls who grow up without a father are more likely to become a teen mom than maybe African Americans would have the luxury to settle for staying single but they do not.

Never the less Patti Stanger commands over 30,000 views per show and never fails to shock us with the tough criticism she offers to her stubborn clients. Although the show has done well in ratings, it appears that her matchmaking skills would not be effective in the black community.

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