4 Reasons Why Rebound Dating Is Bad For Your Heart


4 Reasons Why Rebound Dating Is Bad For Your Heart
Find out why many women try but most fail at trying to win over an unavailable man's heart!


One of the most painful things to experience is the break up from someone in which you were connected to and really loved. Many people have a difficult time getting over an ex and will do just about anything to ease the loneliness and pain that follows the end of a relationship. Some will even jump immediately into another relationship while still attempting to heal emotionally from the lost of their previous love. You will know if a man is not on the rebound if he does not speak of his ex in a negative way, doesn’t compare you to his ex or attempts to get to know you for you instead of turning you into his counselor whom all he does is talk about his ex to. If he is doing these things then although extremely tempting, let’s explore four reasons why it is very dangerous to attempt a relationship with a man on the rebound if you are searching for a healthy love experience.


1. He is still into Her

He needs a chance to go through the phase of attempting to win his ex back and fail and then mourn the lost of that relationship before he is ready to be receptive to loving again. Right now he is a bleeding heart and bleeding hearts have no room to accept new love. Many women believe that they can love and nurture a man back to life and that when he decides to get over his ex, he will see her and realize all along that she was really “The One.” Usually it doesn’t work that way. You end up playing nursemaid to a man who when he is whole enough to now be attractive to the ex, he decides to take her back or he simply looks for someone else. Leave this man on the shelf and search for other options while he is going through the rebound phase.

2. He cannot see you

You very well may be a dynamic woman with fire works shooting out of your ears but if you are attracted to a man who is on the rebound, you are setting yourself up for rejection. Right now all he is searching for is a lifeline in the form of a distraction to take his mind off of her. Many men will even have sex with you or talk to you about his deepest feelings, making you feel as though you two are truly bonded and that he is really falling for you. Most likely not! If you are the rebound, your relationship is most likely going to be short lived because he cannot see you for all the qualities you are. Single woman dating, you are being used as a temporary fix to help him get over the woman he is hurting for. Save your heart the pain and leave this one alone until he has blown out the flame to his previous love.

3. He is not emotionally available

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