6 Tips For A Glamorous Walk Of Shame


6 Tips For A Glamorous Walk Of Shame
How to look your best on the morning after!

No need for an unglamorous walk of shame. Be prepared and unshameful! We’ve all done it or will do it at some point in our lives: The Walk of Shame. While I do not like to call it that because I believe that a woman who makes a conscious decision to have sex is in charge of her own life and has nothing to be ashamed of, the name has edged its way into popular culture and we seem to be stuck with it. However, there is no reason to take that walk of shame looking like something the cat dragged in.

While historically this walk has been done with eyes cast down, embarrassment flowing out of your pores, make up remnants smeared all over and disheveled clothes, it doesn’t have to be that way. Own it and make it look glamorous. No need to slink passed people you encounter on the elevator or in the lobby because you are certain they know you just either had a one night stand or based on your appearance, possibly a drunken one night stand. No reason to hide in fear of their judgment or prying eyes. Aside from the fact that what you did the night before falls into the "none of your business" category, a little prior planning can make your walk of shame anything but lame.


Preparation is crucial. If you don’t come prepared you are asking for disaster on many levels. If you come prepared and you don’t spend the night with anyone then no harm, no foul. No one is the wiser. So there is no need to worry about looking obvious. The first thing you need to do is invest in a stylish but functional medium size purse or bag. If you want to carry a cocktail purse on your date or to your event that is fine, but keep a larger purse in your car or check it with coat check.

Place the following items in the large purse:

  • Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste. It is always wise to have one of these in your purse. Sometimes you just need to brush your teeth after a garlic filled meal and sometimes you need it for the morning after.
  • Face wipes to remove make up. These come in travel size as well and are perfect for taking off make up before sleep, or at his place in the morning, so you are not heading home looking like a clown or raccoon.
  • Make up. Once you have used the wipes mentioned above, you can use the make up in your bag for a little touch up to look fresh in the morning. No need to bring your entire Clinique collection. Just some basics to keep you looking your best. Keep Reading...

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