5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

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Making a woman fall in love with you is not rocket science.

When you know which buttons you have to press, it's fairly easy to provoke so many positive emotions in a woman that she can’t do anything but falling for you, even when you don't know how to make her squirt

Unfortunately, most men believe that the buttons they have to press are directly connected to a woman’s brain. They try to seduce the girl of their dreams with logic and at the end of the day they ask themselves why they got a handshake and not a kiss.

Please don’t be one of the guys who think that they have to convince a woman’s brain that the best logical decision she could possibly make is to end up in a relationship with them. It won’t work.

A woman doesn’t care if you are the best Casanova in the world, unless you trigger the right feelings.

Women fall in love through the feelings that you provide them with. The following five behaviors trigger the emotional impulses that make her heart go "bum ba bump."

1. Share your past with her

Unless you were stupid enough to get the number of a professional gold digger there is just one reason why a woman wants to go on a date with you — she wants to get to know you!

That doesn’t mean that she wants to get to know a mask that you wear to hide your insecurities. It also doesn’t mean that she only wants to know that your favorite hobby is watching football.

She wants to know what kind of guy is sitting next to her. She wants to know who you are, so that she can imagine who you will become once you are together with her.

The best way to show a girl who you really are is to share what you did before you met her. Share your past with her and she'll have a clear picture of your future.

2. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her

If there's one thing that you have to practice as aspiring seducer, it's holding eye contact. Looking a woman into the eyes is the fastest and easiest way to make her feel connected to you.

Our eyes are the mirror to our soul. Looking a girl into the eyes for less than five seconds can create more positive and arousing feelings than a five minute conversation.

If you then think about all the naughty things you want to do with her while you stare her into the eyes, your intent will make her weak at the knees.

3. Hug her and kiss her on the head

Sometimes little gestures have the biggest impact. Women are magically drawn to guys who make them feel protected.

You don’t necessarily have to be physically strong to give a woman the feeling that you can protect her. All you have to do is to signalize with your behavior that you are willing to hold her tight so that nobody can hurt her.

I talked with a lot of my female friends about what makes them feel protected and nearly all of them said that they absolutely love it when a guy gives them a hug and kisses them on the forehead.

This little gesture combines her desire for protection and love. Do it and enjoy how she melts in your hands.

4. Tell her that she's different

Everybody wants to be different. With women, the one you are on a date with is interested in you. She wants to have the feeling that you think that she's different than all the other girls you could be dating.

Every woman wants to have the feeling that she is special to you. If you don’t give her this feeling she’ll wonder why you picked her and she’ll always worry that you’ll leave her for another girl who might be the special one for you.

Tell her that she's different than the other girls. Once she feels special, she’ll make you feel special.

5. Listen to her

Women are used to men who talk about themselves all the time. They're used to men who think about at least twenty ways that could possibly lead into their panties.

What they aren't used to are men who are present in the moment, who enjoy a date without worrying about how it ends and who are able to listen to what she says. Listening to women has two big advantages.

On the one hand, you give her the feeling that you really care about her and that you want to find out more about her. This will already make her fall for you.

On the other hand, you filter all the hints that she gives you that lead you on the right path towards her heart.  


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