6 Dirty Talking Tips To Ignite Your Love Life


6 Dirty Talking Tips To Ignite Your Love Life
Use These Dirty Talking Tips To Ignite Your Sex Life And Keep Your Relationship Fun!

The following 5 dirty talking tips will help you to turn your man on, build sexual tension, massage his ego and keep him thinking about you. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to say anything that weird or 'out there' when talking dirty to have the desired effect.

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Add Spice - The most important dirty talking tip to keep in mind is that talking dirty to your man should be used like a spice when cooking. Just like a spice adds flavor to the dishes you cook, dirty talk should be used as something to add flavor to your relationship and sex life.

Now if you use too much of a spice when cooking, it will ruin the dish. The same is true when talking dirty to your boyfriend. If you talk dirty to him too much or too often, then it will get boring and can even ruin your relationship. Instead you should use it sparingly, to add excitement and fun to your relationship. This way it will be exciting and unexpected for your man every time you do talk dirty to him.

Subtlety Is Your Friend - Explicit, nasty, sexy, 'out there' dirty talk is great...in the bedroom, as it will turn your man on and it can make sex much more fun for both of you.

But you'll find that if you are very subtle when talking dirty to your man that it will have a really strong effect on him and is perfect for creating sexual tension and keeping him constantly thinking about you. In fact, being subtle can actually be more powerful than being explicit when talking dirty to your guy.

The other really cool thing about this dirty talking tip is that you can do it practically anywhere: at a party, while hanging out with friends, while in class, at work or even in bed. So what about some examples of this more subtle dirty talk? Here are 3 that you should try using:

"If I didn't have to leave, we would be doing some really naughty things together..."

"There is something about what you're wearing that is really hot, but I just can't put my finger on it...hmmmm"

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