Are You Following The 6 Most Effective Attraction Strategies?


Attraction is a mystery, it is a powerful force, you can't control it. Discover what you need to do

Attraction is universal. It is everywhere, from the bees and the flowers to the fly and the garbage bin. I know what you're thinking—gross, garbage bins!—but in reality is attraction isn't a choice. This is even more apparent with humans!

We love attraction. In fact, we crave attraction. I know that my personal matchmaking and date coaching clients at Blue Label Life are always asking me about attraction secrets.

When we were young, this took form as innocent crushes, and as we grew older and had a better understanding of life, attraction evolved into love and sometimes obession. Nobody is immune to it. Attraction is a powerful force—just ask anyone!

For people who date, you need to understand the nuances of attraction in order to navigate your way through the dating game. For people in relationships, it is paramount to keep the interest of your partner for the long haul. All in all, everyone wants to know how to seduce, flirt, get noticed and be attractive. Attraction is an important element in a person's success in love.

In a study by David Buss in 1988, he surveyed newlywed couples and college students about the "moves" they employed to get noticed or to attract a mate. The responses from the participants were analysed to find out if there is a common behaviour among them and to find out which was more effective. At the end of the study, Buss found out that there are at least 101 different tactics that individuals use in flirting to increase attraction. The behaviours collected were then grouped into 23 different categories. The research then divided the tactics between those that work and those that did not. As was expected, some tactics were more effective than others, both according to newlyweds and college students. Upon further analysis, researchers concluded that the most attractive and effective tactics are found in the following categories:

  1. Keeping oneself clean/well groomed. This includes hygiene-related behaviours like brushing teeth, showering, grooming, and many others—smelling good! The olfactory sense is the most powerful sense, especially with women. 
  2. Keeping a fit body. According to the study, the respondents claimed that maintaining a healthy physical body through proper diet and exercise can help in both attracting a mate and being attractive. If you look your best, you will attract the best.
  3. Wearing stylish clothing. Being able to pick the right clothes for the right occasion or being able to stay in fashion is attractive for the respondents.
  4. Humour. Everybody loves a funny girl/guy, and the study has strengthened this claim.
  5. Acting pleasant. Being a nice person has its perks and the study proves that being sympathetic, showing good manners, and being able to lend a helping hand makes a person attractive.
  6. Flirting. Sending the right signals at the right time. Touching, smiling, and giving encouraging glances every once in a while lets the other person know that he/she is on the right track.

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