7 Things To Do If He Stopped Calling You


Moving On: 7 Tips On What To Do When He Doesn't Text You Back
Ever wondered what to do when he suddenly goes cold, stops texting/calling you and disappears?

When it comes to dating, one of the most discouraging things ever is when you're speaking with a man — and from nowhere, he vanishes. He stops texting or, he says he'll call and he doesn't. Essentially, whenever he doesn't call or text you back can drive you CRAZY. Ugh.
In these scenarios, it can be challenging to determine what to do. The confident part of your brain wishes to believe something occurred, like his phone died or he's truly, really busy with other things or maybe your phone is broken and the text simply didn't go through. Then there's that miserable part of your brain that is envisioning the outright worst, and feelings of rejection surface. How do you deal with the vanishing man? Exactly what do you do? Well, for starters, read these tips. They'll help, I promise.

1. Don't Bombard Him With Messages
The absolute worst thing you can do is bombard them with your own messages when somebody is not responding to you. It's the easiest and fastest means to push someone away. I know how irritating it is to go without a feedback, however do not begin sending a bunch of texts, calling, attempting Facebook messages and texting his friends to see if he's with them. It looks desperate and also makes you seem a little crazy — it's just way too overwhelming.


2. Send A Casual Text To See What's Up
Nevertheless, it's totally acceptable to reach out to him once or two times to state what's up. If he hasn't responded to your text in 3 days or he stated he would call and never ever did, shoot him an easy and casual and playful text.  I would personally drop it if you don't get a response a 2nd time. Stay casual about it — if you send out a mad, demanding text right away, he's definitely not going to answer.

3. If Possible, Reach Out In Person
Casually try to see him in person. You’ll be able to get his vibe when you see him in person. Plus it will give you the opportunity to dress to impress, and ignite his attention. Men are very visual creatures and sometimes they need a friendly reminder of how fantastic you are. You'll know something is up if he acts unusual or is really avoidant.

4. Be Careful About Who You Complain To
I understand this whole scenario is most likely making you upset and really mad. Just be careful about who you complain to — I wouldn't complain to any mutual friends you have with this person, because they can easily go back and inform them what you stated or, even worse, make things more dramatic and make you seem crazy. Vent to your close friends who you trust, but do not let everyone know you're upset.

5. Avoid Writing About It On Social Media
Again, you don't want this to be a public affair — it's between you and this person and it's no one else's business. Avoid sub-tweeting nasty remarks or making "subtle" Facebook statuses that are obviously about him and the situation. You may believe it will capture his attention and make him wish to call you, but truly it will certainly just make you look immature and annoying and turn him off.

6. Don't Wait Around For Him
When he's been blowing you off, I understand how easy it is to obsess over a possible text or message from this man. Don’t wait around for him. Don't continue your phone glued to your hand or jump every time it makes a noise. Don't stay home simply in case he calls. Head out, live your life and try to put this in the back of your mind. Excellent if he calls. If not,  know you have other options. You have better things to do with your time.

7. Move On and Cut Your Losses
If he never ever reacts to anything? Seriously, forget him and move on. Of all, revealing him no attention and doing your own thing will offer off a much better message than sending him a long, mad text explaining why he's a dirt bag. Second of all, if he's not going to respect you enough to answer you, he's unworthy your time at all. Cut your losses and proceed now.

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