3 Signs He's Not That Into You.

3 Signs He's Not That Into You.

Discover the tale signs that he is not that into you,and find a man that deserves you!

There is nothing more frustrating in this world than decoding if a guy your dating is  really into you or not. Signs are confusing in the dating world!

If only telekinesis and mind reading was taught in school then decoding would be easy and there would be very little need for womens magazines or long lunches with the girlfriends trying to decode the mystery of the man tapping into his mind.

If you are the type of girl who usually mixed signals and ends up confused and left hanging, sit back and learn.

Here are 3 signs that says he just not that into you:

H'e s Not That Into You Sign Number 1: He Does Not Ask And He Does Not Share

If a guy is interested in you, will move heaven and earth to please you and that means getting to know you on a deeper level by asking questions.

If a man is interested he will ask things about you non-stop, sometimes the questions don't even make sense.  An interested man will pepper you with the craziest questions as he researches what he need to do to understand you and meet your needs.

If on the first date he seems disconnected to you and does not ask much or does not pay attention when you offer information about yourself, sadly he’s not into you.

Also if he refused to open up himself, even the smallest details about himself, then its time to end your misery and cut your date short.

No Calls, Lots Of Excuses

This indicates that he’s not planning on seeing or talking to you anytime soon. If he does not call after a day or two from you first date, then it just means that he’s not interested in having another one.

If a guy is interested in you, he will give you hints or clues that he might ask you again soon (no matter how shy this guy might be), because he really likes you, he will find ways to talk to you and be with you.

If he makes up excuses as to why he hasn’t called. Don’t believe these lame excuses, just take a hint and leave him alone or you might just end up chasing him away further. Instead go and find a man that is over the moon when he see's you!

He Does Not Seem Interested

Well, this is quite simple, gut feeling is real. And the best thing to do is listen to your gut feeling. Honestly listen and do not make excuses for his actions.

If during the times you are together, he talks about other girls or looks really bored, or fails to make plans or talk about the future, its time to get out!

Signs of uninterested guy are quite obvious and you don’t need over think things or make excuses.

If he is disconnected, unresponsive and is indifferent then there is no need to prolong your agony of not knowing how he really feels and just accept the fact that you guys don’t click together.

Dust yourself off and go find a man who deserves your company. A man that has sparkle in his eyes when he see's you!



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